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A course to help you build, grow and flourish in your business.

A course to help you build, grow and flourish in your business.

The Mindful Business Plan

A course to help you build, grow and flourish in your business.

Being mindful of building your business goes along way to how you sustain it and overall how it fulfils you. Everyday practices such as meditation, journalling and always aligning with your long term goal will help you grow your business in a way that feels satisfying.

Whether you are just starting out or you're ahead and growing your business, having tools that support you is a must. This course is for anyone who wants to slow down and not be in the 'hustle' culture. You're wanting a mindful approach to your business that you can make your own while still enjoying all the good things about being self-employed without the burnout. As I like to enjoy the simplicity in life, here's a minimal and mindful overview of the course and what to expect.

Creating and growing a mindful business

Lesson One

Intentions and daily practices

Knowing your why and setting intentions helps you steer your ship forward to something you'll love. We go through some meditations and visualisations. As the weeks progress and with some consistency each day, it will unlock many ideas for you and move you forward.

Lesson Two

Moodboards and visions

Once you've moved through some visualisations, it's time to get it down on paper. In this lesson we go through journalling prompts, creating a mood board and bringing your vision to life. As humans, we only move forward when we see the vision and feel inspired.

Lesson Three

Financial strategies and design

Designing your financial strategy should be fun and inviting for you to keep working on your dream. I've put together mindful practices that I use often to figure out what it is that really makes me excited. We run through product development and your overall financial picuture too.

Lesson Four

Getting to know your audience

Have you ever heard of your ideal customer avatar? Well this chapter is about getting to know your audience. We go deep and uncover what really lights you up, how you enjoy interacting with others and creating mindful connections to grow yourself and your business.

Lesson Five

Sustainability and growth

Nothing says 'mindful business' more than sustainability. The new business model is here and it's all about rest, work and play. How do you harness the power within yourself and still make time for self-care? We explore creating your mindful map to sustainability and knowing when to grow and pivot.

Lesson Six

Foundations and operations

The nitty gritty of business plans is all about how things work. Setting the foundations and knowing how your business operates is important in supporting the plan. Executing this plan will help you mindfully bring everything together and create harmony. 

Lesson Seven

Mindful Marketing

If you're someone who gets overwhelmed by a marketing plan then this lesson is made for you. I've stripped down aspects of marketing and together with meditations we break down which ones suit you best. Finding a rythm that works for you is the most important step to success.

Lesson Eight


Weekly, monthly and quarterly check in sheets.

Full mindful business plan PDF to fill out.

Social media and marketing templates.

How you'll feel at the end

This course is designed to help you create a mindful business plan or to refresh your current plan. It's filled with meditations and daily practices, a PDF plan to fill out as you go and many lessons and insights along the way. This is a self-paced course and you can go as fast or as slow as you like. You will also have access for life so you can come back to it as needed. 

With all the information there in the world, it can often feel overwhelming and doesn't exactly get you from A to B. This course is designed to help you feel supported along your journey so that you come out on the other end with a mindful plan and actionable items to complete daily. After all, building a business truly is about the small steps along the way that add up. 

Gain full access for only $499 AUD.

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