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A mindfulness app for kids and teens.

Social and emotional learning to support mindset and wellbeing for ages 5-18. Explore meditations, brain breaks, breathing animations, wellbeing activities, programs and much more!

Kelcy van Koersveld is the CEO and Founder of Coobari. She has built the entire app and website, designed all aspects including UI/UX and the illustrations, recorded all content and video creation, as well as designed the website and marketing strategy. She is a qualified teacher aide and youth mindfulness mentor too.

Project type

Design & Full App Build


Brisbane, Australia

App Store

Google Play

Functions Used

- Audio player component
- Video component
- Favourites
- Filtering
- Card deck shuffle
- Recently played
- Subscription through IAP Hub
- Email verification through Adastacks
- Email automations (welcome sequence) through Mailerlite
- Free trial option
- Log in / Sign up and account management
- Published to both Apple and Google
- App store previews


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